Optimise, Integrate, Retain

Our ambition is to become a privileged player in your success and in the success of your personnel by establishing a durable relationship based on trust and the development of skills.


«On-boarding » or coaching for uptake of new roles
We suggest and implement specific coaching processes to accelerate and ensure the success of new recruitments, by facilitating adaptation, integration, commitment, understanding of issues and harmonisation with the organisational culture.

Integrating your managers and executives

Auditing and establishing internal integration procedures: personnel, methods, mentoring, planning. For Executive appointments, integration and follow-up of candidates during probation periods and beyond.

Retaining talent

Beyond talent acquisition, today companies need the tools to motivate and retain recruits, and to inspire their loyalty. We implement pilot schemes, potential management, identification of key competencies, and succession plans: a combination of services which add significant value. We guarantee their uptake by all concerned within the company.