Our ambition is to become a privileged player in your success and in the success of your personnel by establishing a durable relationship based on trust and the development of skills.

Locating and Selecting

The Direct Approach
Designed to locate « Executive » candidates, or for specific searches, this method enables us to identify and evaluate active managers and executives, and to help them pursue their career development at the heart of your company.

Press and Internet Ads
Our press, media and internet expertise enables us to select the best possible medium to meet your needs, and to maximise efficiency in developing advertisements and selecting candidates.

Research Methodologies

  • Recruitment using our database tool (Admen)
  • Dedicated teams for each operation (consultant/headhunting/assistant)
  • Precise sourcing for each operation with specific tools : AIMS data base, Easysearch, Viadeo, LinkedIn, Nominations, etc.
  • Regular operation assessment indicating sourcing and operation progress
  • Compilation of evaluation file for each candidate
  • Standardised processes between partners in the AIMS network for international operations
  • Follow-up during the first months

Our tools

  • Information systems, in particular our database of more then 30,000 candidates
  • Aptitude tests (spatial, numerical, verbal) and personality evaluation, provided by ECPA®, SHL® and iLead®: Sosie®, OPQ.32®, Golden® (MBTI), PMC® (360°), Motivations Questionary (M.Q® ), Commercial Aptitude (CCSQ®), iLead® ...
  • Linguistic tests

The 6 stages of the recruitment process

  • Understanding the general context (market, sector, culture, organisation, issues…),
  • Drafting of overview and proposal,
  • Identification, targeting and selection,
  • Evaluation,
  • Presentation, final selection,
  • Post-integration follow-up.