3 written questionnaires having an average of 50 questions and lasting 20 min per test.

Aptitude tests ®


These tests measure high-level verbal, numerical, and deductive aptitudes. They evaluate the perceptiveness with which a person interprets nuances within a text and the efficiency with which he/she interprets numerical data on tables and charts.

Verbal reasoning (VMG1) ®:

This test measures one’s ability to draw logical conclusions based on written information. It involves evaluating whether or not a text contains sufficient information to make decisions regarding the accuracy of certain statements or determining if additional information is needed.
52 questions, 25 min.

Numarical reasoning (NMG1) ®:

This numerical test measures not only mathematical aptitudes but also one’s ability to make sound decisions based on the analysis of numerical data presented in the form of tables and charts. It involves numerical data, e.g., production costs, exchange rates, market research statistics. Since the focus is on data comprehension and evaluation, the candidate is permitted to use a calculator. Answers are selected from among 5 to 10 possible responses.
50 questions, 20 min.

Deductive reasoning ®:

This test measures one’s deductive reasoning by having the candidate infer the principles behind data tables. These principles must then be applied to new situations, such as the analysis of complex systems or program design.
40 questions, 35 min.

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