Online questionnaire comprised of 21 questions, lasting 30 to 40 min.



The iLEAD SIGNATURE ® makes it possible to identify the motors and the brakes for change and to promote new forms of team leadership and interaction.

This activity is used in individual and team coaching to:

  • Support the performance development of personnel and teams during high growth phases.
  • Support transition during periods of rapid change.
  • Help teams re-focus following a merger or acquisition.
  • Facilitate a succession or the integration of an individual in a new position.
  • Identify and develop individual talents and potentials.
  • Facilitate the operations of trans-national teams.

The identification of patterns of preference (cognitive) can be used as a type of leverage to develop individual leadership skills and improve company-wide performance.


It reveals a number of cognitive patterns that are the basis for our day-to-day individual behaviors.

ENGINE (forces that push us forward) STOPES (serve to offset the motors)
Desire for certainties:

Drive to understand things through reasoning, encourages caution.


Premature opinion of people or fear of being judged.

Desire for recognition:

Drive to make oneself more visible, the result of our enthusiasm; preference for risk / competition.


To consider certain results as impossible to achieve; drive to justify reasons not to act.

Desire for approval:

Drive to establish relationships of trust and confidence;


To hold the outside world accountable for uncomfortable situations or to blame others.

Desire for control:

Drive to quickly produce concrete results; quick decision-making and implementation.


To detach oneself from day-to-day situations; to consider our emotions and others’ emotions as unimportant.

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