World Recruitment Good Manners’ Guide

This first edition of the World Recruitment Good Manners Guide

Over the last 17 years, we have built up a worldwide partnership of executive search and talent management firms in more than 50 countries with about 80 offices.

AIMS International is truly an international organisation with professional experience in almost all cultures of the world. Working daily with company boards, executive management of leading forms, plants, services as well as small and big businesses, enables us to provide a multicultural and multi industry sectorial insight. Because we meet so many candidates throughout the world, we can disclose a unique input of what their expectations are.

Today, over 350 AIMS International’s consultants put their expertise together and serve each client as a unique one. This Guide is a piece of our worldwide know-how by summing-up and giving a business sense to national and local cultures.

With the World Recruitment Good Manners Guide, any company will access to what the recruitment processes and uses are aboard. Hiring the right candidate for a subsidiary or a country office will be much easier.

Conversely, any candidate willing to join a foreign company in the headquarters’ home country will find valuable information in the Guide.